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  • Can I post a job opportunity even if I dont need bilingual/Spanish-speaking professionals for my opening?
    Yes, of course you can if you wish to increase your diversity.  We also have non-Hispanic job seekers who speak/do not speak Spanish and the additional skill of speaking several languages can only be helpful to your company.

    Just because we have the domain name Hispanic-Jobs.com does not mean that it is only for hispanics.  The website is language based and was created to gather individuals who are bilingual/Spanish-speaking.   

    If you are searching for individuals who speak English and any Asian languages you may also want to visit our other website at

  • Can I change, add or delete anything on my job posting after it is published in your system?
    Yes, everything is possible.  You have access to your account 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.  You can also delete your jobs and/or your account at any time. 

    To edit or delete your job, log in to your account and click on "My Jobs" and make the desired changes.  There is no waiting period and all changes are updated immediately.

    Please also review our section that explains the
    special features that come with your account.

  • Where are the terms and conditions listed?

    When you go through the registration you can move the mouse curser over the text "Terms and Conditions".  Click on the text and it will lead you to the policy.  The policy is also added on the home page on the bottom.  There is a link that will lead you to the policy.

  • How long will the jobs be posted on the site?

    This will depend on what job posting you select.  They can range from 30 days to 60 days.  You can view this option by logging in to your account and click on the membership section on the different options.

  • I want to be a featured company on your home page.

    Every company becomes automatically a featured company on the home page until 5 more companies register .  In the future there will be other possibilities to stay on longer on the home page .

    I you want more exposure for your job posting, we offer inclusion in our weekly newsletter which goes out to all registered job seekers.  We charge $150.00 extra to be a featured Employer/Featured Job.  Contact our sales/service representative at <818> 530-4852, ext. 2 to coordinate this purchase.  To see a sample click here.

    We also have other options available for you to get even more exposure for your job postings.  Please call our sales/service representative to inquire.

  • I registered but I cant log in.

    If you did not receive the registration confirmation e-mail in your e-mail box then your registration did not go through. This problem sometimes occurs when you click the "Reset" button instead of the "Save" button.  Try registering again before contacting support.  Also, some companies have anti-spam softwares installed and this could prevent our e-mails from reaching you.  Make sure you add us to your authorized contact list.


    Before contacting technical support please make sure that you log in on the employer section which in on the right side on the home page.  The left side is the log in section for job seekers only.  Also, make sure you are having the right password.  Click on "Forgot Password" to make sure of this.  If this does not work then please send an e-mail to our support team.

  • What are your fees for posting jobs and searching resumes?

    Please register for an account and then view the membership section within your account to view our current rate.  Registration is free.

    Regular job postings start at $175.00 for one job posting or $375.00 for 1 month unlimited job posting.  We also have reasonable job packages for 3 month, 6 month and 1 year unlimited job postings available.  To view the current prices you will need to
    register for an account and then you will have access to the membership section which indicates the rates.  Every month we have different specials, so check your membership section frequently.  All jobs stay posted for 60 days.

    Click here to read on how to post a job.

    We do not charge for viewing resumes from our database - we only charge if you actually find a resume in our database.  The fee for one resume is $15.00 and we reqire you to purchase a minimum of 5 resumes.  To view our resume database just register for an account.

    We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. Job posting purchases are non-refundable.

    Please review our
    job posting policy to find out what kind of job listings we not do allow to be posted on our site.

  • What advantage do we offer that truly seperates us from other job posting websites?

    • Our Prices - so affordable that even small businesses can afford it

    • Periodic promotional offers for "Try before you buy" for selected markets

    • Jobs stay posted for 60 days

    • our website specializes in bilingual & Spanish-speaking professionals ranging from entry level to executive level

    • You can change the job category and State at any time during the 60 days your job is posted, so if your ad does not perform in one category, you can change it easily without paying an extra fee.

    • you can write unlimited text, add your logo and a link to your website without paying extra fee

    • we automatically cross-post your job to several other job posting boards.  Click here to read list.

  • What specials features do we offer with your account?

    -  Resumes can be fully viewed instead of just a summary and you only need to purchase contacts to these resumes when they match the skills you are seeking

    Reach bilinguals and Spanish-speaking professionals

    -  You can add unlimited text to your job posting

    - You can duplicate your job with one click, not needing to re-type the whole ad

    -  You can place your job posting in different job categories and States at any time without being charged extra

    Have an opportunity to buy an annual membership at a very low price which allows unlimited job posting and resume searches

    Receives discount when you purchase with a credit card

    Job seekers can register free therefore more job seekers are encouraged to register on our site

    -  We dont buy resume databases and we cross post all openings on American Job Bank and many other job websites so you dont have to.  To review the list click here.

    Registrations are immediate and jobs will show up immediately on the website

    Every registered company and job will show up on the home page for more visibility

    Cancel/delete account anytime

    Manage and update jobs in real time - no delay when posting jobs

    You can choose your own username and password

    Bookmark jobs and keep them in an account for future reference

    Anonymous e-mail system to protect against unwanted e-mail spam and protects confidentiality

    - pay with a credit card or send a check later

  • I posted a job and dont see the job in your database.
    Some companies have made the mistake of posting their job under the company description when they registered.  The job will not show up in the job database. 

    Follow the instruction at this link on how to post a job.

    If this still does not resolve your problem, e-mail support@hispanic-jobs.com or call <818> 530-4852, ext. 2.

  • I dont want to have our company name appear on the job posting.

    No problem. When you register you can hide the company name, e-mail, phone, fax and your name and you will still receive resumes when the job seeker applies online.  The job seeker will apply through our system and you will receive notification from us with the job seekers resume information.  The heading of the e-mail will say "A job seeker from Hispanic-Jobs.com would like to apply to your posted vacancy". 

    If your company has a spam protection sofware in place, please make sure that you add the e-mail "
    to your authorized list.

  • I receive daily/weekly resume mails of applicants that register. How do I have access to the job seekers resume and how can I contact the job seeker?

    Each resume e-mail you receive has a link on the bottom.  If you click on the link it will lead you to the resume and contact information of the job seeker.  The system will ask you to log in first and then you will be directed to the job seekers information.

  • I do not see any resume information of a job seeker.
    This problem can occur when the job seeker did not complete the online application.  Many job seekers do not complete the online application however they upload a resume as a Word document. 

  • I do not see the job seekers name, contact phone number or e-mail.

    Some job seekers wish to stay anonymous.  You can contact them through our system by sending a confidential e-mail.  The e-mail is sent automatically to the job seekers e-mail and the job seeker has to option to reply to you.

  • Can I stop receiving daily/weekly resume mails?
    Yes, you can stop this at any time by logging in to your account and by clicking on the "My Company" section. 

  • We have several recruiters in our company. Can we all share the same account?

    No, everyone must have their own account. Unlimited job posting memberships apply to one recruiter or one territory or recruiting office.  Please call us to get clarification.

  • Are the job seekers on your site only Spanish speaking?

    Since our website is in English most of the job seekers are bilingual in English and Spanish. 

  • Can I post our jobs in English or Spanish?

    This is your choice.  You can post in English and/or Spanish.

  • I indicated the salary on the job posting but it does not show up.

    Please make sure that you do not include the currency sign as the system is automatically set up to show the USD sign.

  • How do I change my contact information and my job posting?
    Click here to log in to your account and then click on "My Company" and "My Jobs" tab to make changes.

  • How do I renew the same job?
    Log in to your account and go to the "My Jobs" section. Check mark the job you want to renew and click on "Renew job". The job will be posted again for another 60 days.

    You will need to have enough job posting credits in your account before this will work.  If you dont have enough you can always buy more and then renew. 

    Jobs will automatically be deleted after the 60 days so remember to renew before the job is deleted. 

  • How do I delete a job from the site?
    Log in to your account and go to the "My Jobs" section. Check mark the job you want to delete and click on "Delete job".

  • What if I forgot my password?
    Click here to get your password e-mailed to you.

  • How do I access the resume database?
    First you will need to register for an account.  Once you are registered, log in to your account.  On the right side you will see the menu.  Click on "Search resumes" and enter your search criteria.  You can bookmark the resumes that are of interest to you. When the resumes come up you can click on the summary to read the resume profile.  If you are interested in the job seeker, scroll to the top or bottom and click on "View Contact Information".  You will then have access to the job seekers contact information.  Each time, when you click on the contact information, it will count towards your alloted resumes contacts and be deducted from your account, so make sure that you only click on it once and only if you are interested in this job seeker.

    If you do not have any credits of resume contacts in your account you will not be able to get the contact information until you puchase resume contacts.  To purchase resume contacts, log in to your account and click on "Memberships/buy jobs & resumes" and select the desired package.  We require a minimum of 5 resumes to be purchased.

  • Where does Hispanic-Jobs.com advertise?

    In order to increase our marketing efforts and to attract bilingual/Spanish-speaking individuals, we periodically purchase job postings on many popular sites.  When you see one of your openings on a major job site such as Careerbuilder.com or Monstertrak, we decided to post your job at no cost to you, to attract qualified job seekers to our site.

    We advertise as follows:

    - Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Miva.com, Search123.com, Enhance.com, Kanoodle, 7search.com, ePilot and many other major search engines. 

    - Monstertrak - periodically we post selected jobs at no charge to you

    - Careerbuilder.com - periodically we post selected jobs at no charge to you

    - TopUSAJobs.com - we advertise all job postings at no charge to you

    - Jobvertise - we cross-post all jobs on a daily basis

    - America\\\\s Job Bank - we cross-post all jobs on a daily basis

    - 4jobs.com - - periodically we post selected jobs at no charge to you

    - Newspapers ads in major States such as California, Texas, New York and Florida

    - Indeed.com - all jobs will show up in this job search engine

    - SimplyHired.com - all jobs will show up in this job search engine

    - Oodle.com - all jobs will show up in the job section

    - Vast.com - all jobs show up in the job section

    - Googlebase - all jobs get cross-posted

    - Jobalot.com - all jobs get cross-posted

    In addition, we also have strategic alliances with some high traffic Latino websites such as:


    You can view that the job openings will show up on each pages on a daily basis immediately after posted on Hispanic-Jobs.com.

    We are continuously increasing our marketing efforts and will update this page periodically.

  • Which job openings do you not allow to be posted?
    • Get rich opportunities/business opportunities
    • Any kind of advertising
    • Postings that require you to pay a membership or require you to pay a deposit or fee of any kind
    • Competing businesses unless negotiated in advance
    • Franchises
    • Pyramid scheme
    • Multi-level marketing
    • Postings that do not give enough information about the job or refer you to other websites for information
    • Double postings of the same position or in wrong category
    • Jobs that do not involve any compensation or trade, except official internships or commission only jobs


    The following are some example:


    • Get rich quickly
    • Jobs available at home.  Send money to receive material
    • Pay and you will receive information about the opportunity
    • Any business opportunity that requires investment
    • Financial Freedom
    • Compensation is a free ticket

      If a job is posted that is not appropriate and/or against our company policy, we reserve the right to delete the job from our system without any prior notice.

      As of February 2005, we are allowing "Business opportunities" and "Work from Home" opportunities to be added.  To avoid any fraudulent/scam opportunities to be added to our website, we will be charging $99.00 for each posting.  Those opportunities are required to be added under the appropriate category of  "Business opportunities" and "Work from Home" only and require full description of the opportunities.   "Business opportunities" and "Work from Home" opportunities are not eligible for specials and discounts. We will not be able to cross post any of those opportunities with other websites and we require payments with a credit card before posting them on our site.  No exceptions.


  • Can I speak with someone over the phone?
    Please call <818> 530-4852

    Monday through Friday
    9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

    Weekend support is available by e-mailing support@hispanic-jobs.com.

  • How do I view the resumes I have bookmarked?
    Log in to your account and click on the "Bookmarked Resumes" section, which is located on the right side menu.  Then move your curser over the persons summary and click on it.  This will show you his/her resume information.  To get the contact information to the job seeker scroll down to the bottom and click on "View contact information". 

  • How do you accept payments?

    We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and checks.

    We accept credit card payments through our Paypal account.  Making payments through Paypal is very secure.  You do not have to have a Paypal account in order to pay with a credit card. If you feel more secure you can also call us at <818> 530-4852 and pay with a credit card over the phone.

    If you are interested by paying with a check, please let us know when a check can be expected so we can note that into your account.
        We can usually approve the job posting the same day and will wait for the check to arrive later.  We also accept your companies payment terms.

  • How do I post a job?
    • You will first need to register for an account. Click here to register.
    • After you registered, log in to your account.
    • Click on the "Membership/Buy Jobs" section on the right side menu.
    • Select the desired job posting special and click on "Pay for Job Postings".
      This will lead you to the invoice section.
    • On the invoice section you will see that there is an invoice waiting for payment. Under the "Action" there is a small, blue "Pay" button. Click on that "Pay" button. You will then be able to review the actual invoice and on the bottom of that invoice you can select the payment mode.
    • You will have a choice to either pay with a credit card or select the "Bill Me" option.
    • If you select to pay with a credit card then our system will automatically re-route you to a secure website where you can pay with a credit card. Your account is automatically updated once the credit card payment went through. If you don't feel comfortable paying with a credit card through the internet, you may call us and we can accept your payment over the phone.
    • If you want to pay with a check, select the "Bill Me" option and in the description field write down the approximate date of sending out the check. We will then note this in your account and approve your job posting. This is done manually and a message with your request is being sent to our administrator for approval. This may take a bit of time depending on how many jobs we have to approve per day. If you can not wait, you may also call our sales/service representative at <818> 530-4852, ext 2, who can approve your account immediately upon receiving all required information.

      Please note: The invoice is automatically e-mailed to the accounts registered e-mail address. We do not send out any additional invoice through mail. You can also print out an official paper invoice by clicking on the "Invoice" section within your account. The invoice section keeps a history of previous purchases. Our federal tax I.D. and address is also listed on the invoice. If you require a W-9 form you can call us and we will provide this to you.


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    Bilingual Jobs for English/Spanish-speaking professionals - Opportunities ranging from entry level to executive level - Nationwide!
    Employers can recruit bilingual job seekers the quick & easy way!

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