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Company: City of Thornton, CO
Job Category: Other
Job Reference: 19086
Job description:  

Under specified supervision, performs technical and labor work required to protect life and/or property from the dangers of fire, medical emergency, accident, natural disaster, etc., using a variety of fire fighting, first aid, and emergency techniques and equipment.

Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from level IV or, when filled from the outside, require previous and directly related experience.

Firefighter IV:

Under immediate supervision, this is the entry-level class in the Firefighter series. Incumbents entering this class have limited related work experience. Incumbents are expected to learn the basics of fire suppression, equipment usage, first aid, emergency procedures, fire inspection activities and will participate in classroom and field training activities during a significant part of the first year of employment. Work is observed and reviewed during performance and upon completion.


(Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following tasks, knowledge, skills and other characteristics. The list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions in this class.)

Performs emergency medical care relating to all major body systems including the neurological system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, skeletal system, etc., as necessary to treat first aid cases, accident victims, medical emergency situations, etc.

Responds to fire and medical emergency calls as a member of an engine company, aerial/truck company, specialty company or a rescue company.

Performs a variety of technical and manual labor duties that are required to locate, control and extinguish fires, including: catching fire hydrants; connecting hoses and nozzles; laying in supply and attack hoses; using visual, sensory and judgmental criteria to locate fire sources; application of fire streams, including water, chemical, and/or portable extinguishers, on fire sources; carrying, positioning and raising ground ladders; and using a variety of handheld and powered tools, including axes, pike poles, saws, etc., necessary to locate doors, windows and vents.

Performs forcible entry operations to gain access into structures using a variety of tools.

Performs salvage operations to prevent damage to property not involved in fire and/or emergency situations, including the placement of covers, removing property from danger, removing water, smoke, and heat from structures, etc.

Performs tasks to extricate individuals safely from wrecked vehicles, structures, earth cave-ins, etc., using a variety of tools/equipment, including power saws, hydraulic jacks, pry bars, etc.

Performs search and rescue operations to locate and remove individuals and victims from Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) environments, which may involve fire and other emergency situations.

Performs emergency medical care to victims of fire and other emergencies; assists paramedic(s) in applying medical/first aid procedures.

Examines patients and victims to determine probable or possible injury or medical disorder.

Takes and records vital signs, including pulse, blood pressure, respiration, reflexes, etc., and transmits necessary data to hospital emergency room personnel.

Receives orders from hospital medical personnel and/or follows standard procedures to treat victims.

Performs procedures necessary to immobilize victim(s) and/or portions of the body or extremities using splints, braces, collars, etc.

Continues medical procedures and monitoring during transit of victims to medical care facilities.

Maintains records of medical activities for departmental and medical care facility records.

Maintains supplies and equipment; including I.V. solutions and oxygen on an assigned company vehicle.

Attends continuing and required training and work sessions to maintain and extend medical knowledge and skills.

Provides in-service training to departmental personnel on first aid techniques and procedures.

Inspects commercial and public property as assigned, in part to: ensure compliance with Fire and Life Safety Codes; locate and assure proper storage of hazardous materials; become familiar with structures; inform persons of the need for fire prevention, etc.

Maintains, cleans, services, inspects and loads fire fighting and/or emergency equipment, tools, etc., on company apparatus. Maintains, performs minor repairs and cleans assigned fire station quarters, apparatus rooms, etc.

Assists in developing and providing a public education program and a training program for the department.

Participates in training classes and drills to maintain and increase fire fighting and emergency techniques and responses.

Participates in hazardous material response and prevention programs.

Performs work that requires the use of specified respiratory equipment that guards against exposure to airborne hazards. Complies with all Municipal, State, and Federal physical requirements as per Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) guidelines.

Works a varying schedule and/or shift.

May prepare departmental reports as needed.

May serve in an out-of-class role of an assigned company after being deemed qualified by the Fire Chief or his/her designee.

Performs other duties as assigned.



High school diploma or GED. Outside experience will be evaluated to determine the extent of equivalency to the duties of a Thornton Firefighter.

Firefighter IV:

No City of Thornton experience required.

Licensing/Certification Requirements:

Valid Colorado driver's license with a safe driving record. Current CPAT Certification.

Firefighter IV:

Possession and maintenance of a current State of Colorado or National Registry EMT/B or higher certification approved by the City's Medical Provider or his/her designee. Possession and maintenance of a current State of Colorado Firefighter I or higher certification issued by either the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or Pro Board accreditation programs within six months of completing the fire recruit training academy. Equivalent certifications may be considered.

All Firefighters hired after November 1, 2010, not already certified by the State of Colorado at the EMT-Paramedic level may, at the City of Thornton's discretion, be required to obtain and maintain a State of Colorado Paramedic Certification and remain in good standing as a condition of continued employment.

Thornton retains the rights to schedule the employee's attendance at the National Registry Paramedic Certification training program as it deems necessary based on current scheduling and staffing needs, as well as discontinue the training at any time. The City reserves the right to select the National Registry Paramedic Program the employee will attend and modify the employee's work schedule as necessary for school attendance.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Firefighter IV:
Knowledge of the policies, procedures and goals of the City of Thornton and the Thornton Fire Department.
Knowledge in emergency medical procedures and techniques used to stabilize, maintain, and/or restore basic life functions.
Knowledge in usage and application of a variety of medical supplies, drugs, and equipment used for medical emergency and rescue situations.
Skill in learning a wide variety of emergency medical duties, methods and procedures.
Skill in learning the uses of a wide variety of apparatus, medical equipment and supplies, etc., used for medical emergencies and rescue situations.
Skill in learning a wide variety of fire fighting duties, methods and procedures, as well as a wide variety of apparatus, equipment, tools, supplies, etc.
Skill in the safe and lawful operation emergency vehicles during emergency response operations.
Skill in conducting fire public education to all age groups.
Skill in physical ability and endurance to efficiently and effectively perform strenuous physical labor in threatening and stressful conditions.
Ability to successfully complete all medical and fit testing as required for the use of personal protective respiratory equipment.
Ability to wear SCBA gear and/or respiratory protection.
Ability to listen well and communicate effectively orally and in writing with a variety of audiences.
Ability to work and function effectively in a team environment.
Ability to use standard office equipment, personal computer and job-related computer applications including electronic mail and other software programs.
Ability to work a varying schedule and shifts.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City employees, City boards and commissions, other agencies, the business community, and the public.

Physical and Mental Requirements:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to balance, sit, walk, twist, demonstrate manual dexterity, grasp, talk, hear, and see. The employee occasionally is required to run, push, pull, stoop, stand, reach, kneel, crouch, climb, crawl, and perform light and heavy lifting. The employee will be exposed to smoke, heat, and varying weather conditions that may be hot, cold, or wet. The employee is required to comply with all physical requirements of SCBA and/or any other respiratory protection equipment including passing all medical and fit testing. The employee is required to stay calm during stressful and possibly life-threatening situations.

Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: 56,648 USD annual
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Other Information
Degree: High School
Experience (year): 0
Job Location: Thornton - Colorado - USA
Zipcode: 80229
Post Date: 02/22/2019
Contact Information
Company: City of Thornton, CO
Contact Name: City of Thornton
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