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Job details
Company: The Opportunity Network
Job Title: Assistant Director of Partnerships
Job Category: NON PROFIT
Job description:  
Position: Assistant Director of Partnerships
Reports to: Senior Director of Partnerships and Institutional Learning
Status: Full-time Exempt
Start Date: Summer 2019

The Job
The Opportunity Network (OppNet) seeks a mission-driven, performance/output-focused individual to join its
collaborative OppNet Partnerships team. OppNet’s Career Fluency® Partnerships program is at the leading
edge of the college and career readiness field, providing immersive, community-led, and racial-equity driven
capacity-building for institutions committed to supporting the post-secondary success and career development of their students. Current Career Fluency® Partners include the New York City Department of Education, the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, College Track, and Henry Street Settlement.

This position offers the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the Partnership program at

an exciting time by playing a critical role in the execution of a multi-city initiative focused on modeling justice-
driven systems change at the intersection of youth development and postsecondary readiness.

The Assistant Director will report to the Senior Director of Partnerships and Institutional Learning and will update and improve the team’s business development and pricing models, support the continued professional evelopment of frontline staff at partner institutions, and impact the program experience for thousands of students across the country. This is a thrilling opportunity to join a growing team that is expanding an innovative program model. The Assistant Director of Partnerships will enjoy the freedom to create, collaborate, and seize a real opportunity to create social change.

The Organization
Since 2003, The Opportunity Network has ignited the drive, curiosity, and agency of students from historically
and systematically underrepresented communities to connect them to college access and success, internships, career opportunities, and personal and professional networks. Our two core programs, OppNet Fellows and Career Fluency® Partnerships, are anchored in our proprietary Career Fluency® curriculum, which articulates the necessary skills and mindsets for college and career readiness. All of the work OppNet leads is in service of realizing our vision of a nation connected through vibrant communities and networks actively in pursuit of social justice and educational equity – a nation where all young people can freely create their own path to enduring success that honors their passions, ambitions, and full identities.

The Person
The ideal candidate will personally connect to the important work we do and value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) across the organization. The candidate will demonstrate DE&I values by actively participating in all organizational-wide learning sessions and self-reflection as well as working with others to enact changes that contribute to meeting the organization’s DE&I goals. The candidate should possess outstanding professionalism and discretion, organization and attention to detail, energy and initiative, the ability to prioritize and complete a variety of tasks on time, and a willingness to work on a wide range of assignments.


The Assistant Director of Partnerships will have the following responsibilities:
Business Development – 40%
● Work collaboratively with the Senior Director of Partnerships and Institutional Learning to develop
Partnership targets and implement plans to meet targets
● Develop and strategize the cultivation of the partnership pipeline and oversee the maintenance of the
OppNet Partnership database
● Work in close collaboration with OppNet’s Director of Communications to develop OppNet Partnerships
marketing and outreach collateral
● Be responsible for drafting and delivering presentations and conducting meetings to cultivate new
● Be accountable for securing at 12 new institutional partners in FY20
● Develop mutually agreed upon MOUs and scopes of work with the Senior Director of Partnerships and
Institutional Learning for partner schools and organizations

Partner Training, Relationship-Building, and Technical Assistance – 60%

● Work with the Senior Director of Partnerships and Institutional Learning to set goals and targets for the
● Supervise two full-time Partnerships Managers and oversee their corresponding portfolio of twenty
partners including managing partner relationships, conducting site-visit, and training staff.
● Be accountable for Partnerships Managers performance quality, including portfolio outcomes.
● Support direct reports by collaboratively developing goals, identifying opportunities for professional
development and providing individualized feedback and bi-annual performance reviews
● Design and facilitate comprehensive and interactive trainings, in-person and online, for teachers and
frontline staff designated to deliver Career Fluency® curriculum
● Utilize existing project plan to curate a tailored intensive partner training to set goals, align leadership
and frontline staff, map existing partner programming, and co-create college and career curriculum
scope and sequence
● Analyze and improve current training modules and materials
● Gather and analyze partners’ existing data and program model to analyze pain points, areas for growth
and strengths to recommend a strategy for program improvement
● Be well-versed in OppNet’s entire scope of grades 9-16 Career Fluency® curriculum (250+ workshops)
o Collaborate with partners to adapt Career Fluency® curriculum to meet their unique needs
● Train partner schools and organizations to deliver curriculum and utilize outcomes measurement tools
● Conduct site visits to partner sites to conduct instruction observations and provide on-site technical
assistance as it relates to the curriculum
o Troubleshoot with partner organizations and provide feedback on quality control and student
o Observe frontline staff’s structured interactions with program participants in order to evaluate
effectiveness and fidelity
o Conduct debriefs with frontline staff and leadership to give input and feedback based off of
● Collaborate with Data Manager to synthesize Partnership evaluation data to uncover insights and to
draft summary reports

● U.S. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university
● 6 – 10 years of instructional or relevant experience in the college access/success and career
development space, with four of those in a team management role
● Experience in research and analysis with the ability to assess and synthesize thematic and regional
● Experience supervising high-performing full-time staff
● Supportive of team-based, collaborative management that is based on open, transparent, continual
communication, information sharing, and inclusive decision-making
● Strong ability to build relationships, leverage networks, and creatively identify new avenues for outreach
● Excellent listening skills and comfort having critical conversations
● Knowledge of innovative learning methods and training best practices
● Outstanding organizational skills; detail-oriented
● High comfort level working with education professionals and professional executives
● Superb written and oral communication skills
● Self-starter with strong entrepreneurial drive: takes initiative; comfortable operating in a fast-paced
environment and wearing many hats; can operate self-sufficiently, but also collaboratively as part of a
● High comfort level in meeting priorities for multiple stakeholders within tight timelines
● Well-versed in data-driven practices
● Ability and willingness to work on some weekday evenings and overnight trips to partner sites located
outside of the New York City metropolitan area
● Demonstrated belief in The Opportunity Network’s mission and vision
● Demonstrated alignment with OppNet’s core values in diversity, equity, and inclusion
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Other Information
Degree: Bachelors
Experience (year): 0
Job Location: new york - New York - USA
Zipcode: 10004
Post Date: 07/26/2019
Contact Information
Company: The Opportunity Network
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