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Job details
Company: MTA
Job Title: Assistant Director Customer Service Center
Job Category: Communications
Job Reference: 86996
Job description:  
Assistant Director Customer Service Center

Job ID 86996
Location Manhattan - Midtown
Full/Part Time Full-Time
Application Deadline

Metro-North Railroad reserves the right to remove this posting prior to the Application Deadline.
Compensation: Grade G Min: $79,859.71 I Mid: $99,824.64

MTA Metro-North Railroad is a dynamic organization, operating out of the jewel of New York City,
Grand Central Terminal. We provide service to over 82 million customers annually, traveling in and out of New York and Connecticut. A subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Metro-North
Railroad is the busiest commuter railroad in the nation. MTA Metro-North Railroad strives to provide a safe commute, great service to its customers and rewarding opportunities to its employees.

Position Objective
The purpose of this position is to direct the day to day operation of the Customer Relations
Centers to ensure timely, accurate and professional responses to customer e-mail, correspondence, phone calls, social media and personal visits. Ensure optimal customer experience through the appropriate assessment of customer needs and the execution of suitable mitigations, analysis of and response to trending concerns, and improved customer communications and technologies in the pursuit of customer service excellence.

Direct the staff and all operational elements of both MNR Customer Relations Centers including:

Oversee the appropriate response to all incoming customer correspondence, comments and concerns including written complaints, telephone, email, personal visits, social media, etc. Ensure consistency in performance, high level of professionalism, and accurate documentation of both incoming and outgoing communication and correspondence.
Investigate and prepare responses to executive correspondence for signature of Senior management. Maintain high level of interaction with Senior Leadership Team.
Ensure front-line staff receives initial and continuing training to ensure professional and consistent delivery of excellent customer service.
Provide sufficient front-line staffing as required and in response to varying customer service demands.

Ensure comprehensive complaint data collection and periodic comparative analysis to identify on-going trends as well as significant spikes in complaints to ensure timely and appropriate response and mitigations. Develop and distribute monthly performance statistical reports and historical data to appropriate departments. Review divisional performance to ensure timeliness and suitability of customer responses.

Lead MNR participation in inter-agency work groups for joint initiatives regarding the collection of complaint data, dissemination of cross-agency information, and customer communications improvements.

Ensure appropriate safety measures are complied with, including safety procedures, policies, awareness and personal accountability, to establish and maintain a safe work environment for employees and customers in accordance with corporate goals. Perform Safety Audits and Inspections as required.

Oversee the handling of complaints from social media and other new communications channels and ensure those contacts are integrated seamlessly in the customer claims database and all agency CRM.

Develop budget and control operating expenses for the Customer Relations Center. Provide 24/7 response to planned and unplanned service disruptions.

Required Qualifications

Excellent customer service abilities.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Thorough knowledge of railroad operations, policies and procedures
Thorough knowledge of customer tariff regulations and policies.
Ability to assess customer service needs, concerns, and execute broad programs to address these issues.
Ability to handle multiple projects and work in a fast paced atmosphere.
Strong attention to detail, critical thinking and decision-making abilities.
Ability to implement a structured follow-up for improved customer service based on analyzed reports. Ability to interface with both senior management and our customers.
Exceptional presentation skills.
Strong analytical and spreadsheet skill.
Team player with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Knowledge of MS Office and MS Access database software.
Must be able to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Required Education/Experience

Bachelor's degree in Communications, Journalism, or related field. Minimum of seven (7) years progressive management responsibility.
Prior successful development of Customer Service improvement programs.

Selection Criteria

To be selected for a position, an applicant must: (1) meet the minimum requirements in the job posting, (2) pass a written examination (if applicable), (3) satisfy a background investigation (which includes credit, if applicable), and (4) pass an oral interview, during which the interviewers will further evaluate the applicant's qualifications for the position. Because the selection process is competitive, not all qualified applicants are granted an interview.
Metro-North may also require the applicant to undergo a physical ability test, and, if the Company extends a conditional offer, may require him or her to undergo a medical examination, which may include toxicological testing. For applicants who are current employees, you must be in active service and have worked in your present position for at least one (1) year to be eligible to apply for a posted position, and have completed the agreed upon formal training commitment, plus on-the-job training, if applicable (for example: Signal Trainee, Foreman-In-Training, etc.) in order to be eligible to transfer. If you are transferred, you may be required to forfeit your seniority in your present occupation. In addition, Metro-North employees are subjected to an internal investigation, which includes an evaluation of their safety and discipline records and their performance assessments. As an employee of Metro-North Railroad you may be required to complete a New York State financial disclosure statement, if you earn more than $91,821.00 or if you hold a position designated as a policy maker.

We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package.

If interested, please visit http://web.mta.info/mta/employment/ and Search for Assistant Director Customer Service Center under Metro-North Railroad.

MTA Metro-North Railroad is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: 79,859 - 99,824 USD annual
Job Link: You must first register to view this information.
Other Information
Degree: Bachelors
Experience (year): 7
Job Location: New York - New York - USA
Zipcode: 10004
Post Date: 08/11/2016
Contact Information
Company: MTA
Contact Name: MTA Metro-North Railroad
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